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Individual conference consultancy

You’re planning a multilingual event and are looking for support in organising it? We offer reliable and individual advice and consultancy for your conference. The size and type of your event determines the scope of the interpreting. After an in-depth analysis of your needs, we will compile an offer for the interpreting services best adapted to your requirements. Melanie Marten-Anders will advise you personally, tapping into her many years of professional experience and her sound knowledge of the business world and will organise a skilled team of simultaneous interpreters for the relevant languages for you. She will also be there in person either as interpreter for English and French or as team leader at each assignment to assist you.

The skills and qualifications that the owner-managed Marten Sprachdienst personally has to offer set us apart from agencies and middlemen. Conference Interpreter Melanie Marten-Anders is available personally to discuss any concerns and questions you may have.

Konferenz des Wirtschaftsforums in Dortmund

For many years we have been providing our services inter alia at:

  • International conventions
  • AGMs
  • Supervisory board meetings
  • European employee representation bodies
  • Technical training sessions

in the fields of:

  • Banking and finance
  • Technology, in particular defence technology
  • International affairs and tax law
  • Steel and steel-working industry
  • Real estate and many other specialist fields we will be happy to name individual references for.

We offer the following types of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is interpreting which takes place without a time lag. This type of interpreting is optimal for events with participants with various different languages as it ensures there are no interruptions and that all participants are always equally up-to-speed. Two conference interpreters sit in the sound insulated booth and translate without a time lag. Here, the interpreters relieve each other every 20-30 minutes as simultaneous interpreting requires the utmost concentration. A separate team with its own booth is required for each language to ensure smooth communication. For factory tours or other assignments where a group is on the move and a booth would not be very practicable, a mobile interpreting system can be used. We will be happy to advise you on the right type of interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

For speeches marking special occasions or short speeches to an audience with just one foreign language consecutive interpreting is a suitable choice. Consecutive interpreting is time-delayed interpreting. The interpreter translates the speech in sections. This inherently doubles the time required as first of all the speaker speaks, and then the interpreter renders what has been said in the other language.

Liaison interpreting

During negotiations or round-table talks, the focus is on the dialogue between the parties. The translation is provided immediately after short sections of speech, usually without interpreting equipment. Liaison interpreting is specifically suited to talks involving a low number of participants with just two languages. This ensures the flow of speech is not completely brought to a halt, but here, too, the speaking time is doubled.

For nationwide and international meetings, conferences and gatherings we will be happy to advise you and are a partner you can rely on for all languages.

We’ll be more than happy to advise you on which type of interpreting is best suited to your needs.