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Video conference interpreting.
Our services - not only during a pandemic.

The Corona crisis has impacted our professional lives and may have a lasting effect. Due to national and international travel restrictions, curfews and lockdowns, events with physical attendance are not always possible. Especially for international conferences, this can mean an enormous constraint on communication.

But this does not mean that you cannot make use of professional language services or interpreters. Our simultaneous interpreters also interpret from their home office or a hub. A hub is a central location with interpreting booths and conference equipment that make it possible for us to interpret your video conferences into different languages via your preferred platform or by streaming. The interpreters thus work together at a central location where all the required communications technology is in place, but you and your participants are able to connect from your home office or from your workplace at the company.

If only a language combination involving two languages is required, for example German and English, we can also work with conventional video conference systems, in which case the interpreters themselves can also work from their home offices. If you opt for this completely decentralised solution, we will be glad to provide you advice. In these cases, we prefer ZOOM, as it is the only common video conferencing portal that supports an interpreting function, making it the simplest and most cost-effective solution.

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Planning a video conference? Make sure you have a high sound quality!

We help you to set up your successful international online meeting. Watch our video now.

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But regardless of whether the video conference is to be held via

  • Zoom,
  • Teams,
  • Skype,
  • Webex or
  • via streaming - we will find the right solution for you.

Over the past year, we have managed to excel at this form of simultaneous interpreting. Initially born out of necessity, but over time with growing enthusiasm.

Even if a video conference cannot replace a face-to-face meeting, a trade fair with actual visitors or a conference with on-site presence, there are excellent, stable solutions including interpreters available. So you can still trust and rely on smooth communication.

We link our in-house conference technology to the video conferencing systems that are employed and will be glad to provide you all-round advice to find the best possible solution for you with interpreters. During and after Corona.

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