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We speak your language. Everywhere in the world.

Professional translations by qualified native speakers

Marten Sprachdienst works solely with experienced and highly qualified native speakers who translate important documents precisely thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the field and long professional track record. Working with native speakers enables us to ensure clients that all the facets of the original text are reflected in the translation. A native speaker has the requisite feel for the language to be able to translate nuances into the given language precisely and accurately, too.

To provide our clients with the best service, we attach great importance to continuity. We maintain a database with the specialist terminology, which we constantly expand and revise. If possible, the same translator will always be assigned for the same client. This enables efficient and targeted work and ensures the documents have a uniform style. We do not use translation machines like those known from the web. Marten Sprachdienst provides you with an authentic “hand-made” translation.

Translation of conference documents and technical documents

For large events, in addition to translation of the spoken word, multilingual documents are also very important. We will be happy to translate your specialist documents for conferences and compile glossaries and vocabulary tables for you. We cater for all your language needs for your multilingual event.

We translate inter alia:

  • Contracts
  • Meeting documents
  • Technical documents
  • Notarised documents
  • and much more

Reliability and commitment to deadlines

In addition to quality, our highest priority is on-time delivery for all Marten Sprachdienst services. This means we always deliver by the agreed deadline. We ensure you can plan with certainty. Confidentiality and discretion at all times also go without saying.

If you are planning large translation projects and are looking for a reliable and professional partner to support you, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a customised quote.

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